The implementation of hydrogen energy and benefits, as a clean and sustainable energy source, made many industrial countries and regions in Europe to work in hydrogen roadmaps through HyWays project. The project carried out from 2004 to June 2007,  through a large multiregional a which covered 10 European countries like Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

This research is aims to  provides an expectation Roadmap for Green

This research is aims to provide an expectation about Clean Hydrogen Strategy and Roadmap in the middle east through building hydrogen fueling stations for fuel cell hydrogen vehicles

  1. Introduction
    1. Important of hydrogen station
    1. Hydrogen roadmap along the world
    1. USA, Europe, Asia (Japan, Korea, China,- India(new) )
  2. Benefits of building hydrogen stations

Building hydrogen gas stations can bring many benefits. Some of these benefits, at least, but not limited to, which include multiple aspects such as the environmental, research aspects, economic, and social

  1. Reduce carbon emissions
    1. Keeping up with modern technology (Built communications between the research centers a longe the world)
    1. Aware society about hydrogen energy benefits and hydrogen facilities
  • Locations of Hydrogen stations along the middle east countries
  1. (Phase 1 or stage 1) Building reseach scale

Building hydrogen station at reseach centers at every conuntery allowing for demonstration and awearing soscity about fuel cell vehicles

Kuwait (at technology study colloge)

Saudia Arbia (King Fahad University of

  • (Phase 2 or stage 2) Building stations at high way

Allowing the fuel cell electrical vihcle to traval for longe distance

  • (Phase 3 or stage 3 ) Connecting the stations along Middle East Countries  together
  • Stations size and technics
  • Supports


  • Conclusions
  • Reference

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