Huffman Trucking Company has a mission to be an employer of choice for candidates searching for employment. Over the past few years, it has experienced increased attrition, and employee morale seems to have decreased. Huffman would like to understand the organization’s culture and how that has contributed to the organizational issues.  

Huffman asks for your help in developing an employee survey to assist in gathering this information. It has asked you to create a 15-question assessment to collect Huffman’s organizational culture data. In addition, it asks you to submit a proposal (paper) that defines and discusses the concepts below and their relationships to the questions in the assessment.  

Concepts should incorporate the following: 

  1. Job satisfaction 
  2. Employee motivation 
  3. Employee engagement 
  4. Team effectiveness 
  5. Overall organizational culture

Examples of questions below: 

  1. What is the compensation structure? (How are employees compensated? (i.e., hourly, salary)? 
  2. Do employees receive financial incentives, such as bonuses, beyond pay? 
  3. How do employees earn bonuses? 
  4. Is there flexibility regarding hours worked?  
  5. Can employees work remotely? 
  6. Do employees work in offices, cubicles, or rotating desks?  
  7. Are there lots of conference rooms or areas where employees can collaborate?  
  8. How does the company use social media? How do employees use social media? 
  9. Describe the official leaders of the organization. How do they lead? 
  10. Are there unofficial leaders in the organization or individual departments? 

Write a 600- to 1,050-word proposal that organizes the following:  

  1. Presentation of your 15 questions as they would appear in the assessment 
  2. Summaries for each question include:
  3. The concept it represents 
  4. The rationale for its inclusion and design 
  5. Anticipated data 
  6. Potential use for the data
  7. A final summary that includes:
  8. The mechanics of disseminating the assessment to employees 
  9. Means of analysis 
  10. Potential uses 

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