Writer: Please answer the questions below in approximately 1 paragraph. Thanks so much. 3 APA Scholarly sources

#11: How do national and international unions differ from local unions in their structures and functions? 

#12: Please give an example of succession planning and discuss why is succession planning important?

#13: What is the difference between organization-centered and individual-centered career planning? How can organizations benefit from individual career planning? 

#14: Describe ALL the various components of compensation. 

#15: An employee is given a union leaflet that asks employees to sign a card while leaving the company premises after work. Discuss the significance of the card that the employee has been asked to sign. Is the distribution of such leaflets by a union legal?

#16: Describe ALL the different methods of job evaluation

#17: Describe performance-focused organizational cultures and provide examples. 

#18: Describe the administrative uses of performance appraisals and provide examples. 

#19: Describe the different types of group/team incentives and provide two (2) examples

#20: N&N Corp. provides safety training to all its employees. Every six months, experienced personnel conduct simulation exercises and several experiments to ensure that all the employees are well-aware of the various safety procedures they need to know. Which of the following approaches for effective safety management is N&N following? What are the other approaches that can be used to manage safety in organizations? 

#21: Arexa, a toy manufacturing company allows its employees to select the benefits that they would like to attain from a list of options established by the company. What are such benefit plans called? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using such benefit plans? 

#22: Explain any three laws that affect the retirement plans of employees. 

#23: Which organizations are covered under the OSHA? Describe the OSHA enforcement standards that were established to implement OSHA regulations in companies.

#24: Sam, the CEO of a multinational IT firm, wants to prohibit the employees in his company from working with competitors within a year or two after leaving his company, so as to prevent employees from sharing confidential information with competitors. What should Sam do to ensure this? 

#25: Several individuals have reported the wrongdoings committed by their employers to the outside world. What are such individuals called? Do laws protect such individuals from retaliation by their employers?  

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