Topic: How KM will stem the tide of losing talent and improve communication among departments?


  1. Complete the following:
    1. Create a transcript for a PPT presentation, using the template below, discussing the major points for this week:
      1. Address the issue of losing personnel from the scenario example and how KM can help stem the tide of good people leaving the company.
      1. Address the issue of production or company performance glitches mentioned in the case scenario. Your presentation should include all of the issues presented to date to include Dawn/SECI model; Helmut; Harry and Imogine and missing files; Amid; Asian branch; cultural considerations and more.
      1. Make at least three recommendations as to how GDD might effectuate KM practices to solve all the problems suggested in the case scenario.
      1. Explain why these recommendations would work. Be sure to consider the multidisciplinary nature of KM and how these recommendations might reach across the company to touch all departments and divisions.
    1. In your answer consider the company profile and case study facts to support the recommendations as well as the class material.
    1. You must use course material to support your responses and APA in-text citations with a reference list. 


Bullet: Knowledge Managers would collect information from all departments in GDD and share it with others for better strategic decision making.

Explanation: Look at the example given in the case study and support it with material from our readings and prior discussions to show the value to GDD.

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