Download Jasp for free to complete this assignment.

Instructions: Use HW7 Data (Attached to this asignment)  to complete the analyses below in JASP. Be thorough and thoughtful in your responses. They will be graded for accuracy. Feel free to work with a classmate. However, you MUST turn it separate and original assignments. Where appropriate, copy your output table directly from JASP into your submission. Make sure to refer to the slides and lecture on Logistic Regression (Attached to this assignment) before attempting this assignment.

This assignment is worth 5 points. You’ll lose 5% for each day it’s submitted late and assignments will not be accepted more than one week past the due date.

Study Description: A researcher is interested in developing a predictive model to determine the factors related to whether or not an individual will engage in a physical form of domestic violence against their spouse (male-on-female). The predictors of interest are Overall Aggression, Emotional Stability, Masculinity, Attitudes Towards Violence, and Attitudes Towards Femininity.

  1. Conduct a logistic regression analysis to examine how well domestic violence can be predicted using these indicators. Does this model do a good job of discriminating between those who commit domestic violence and those who don’t? Which statistic(s) are you using to make this judgment? (1 point)
  • Report the results of this analysis in complete APA-style. You are strongly encouraged to use the example provided in the lecture on Logistic Regression as a template. Make sure to report the overall significance of the model, the classification accuracy rate, and the beta/significance of predictors. You’ll also need to summarize your results in everyday language and state whether your hypothesis was supported. (2.5 points)
  • Attempt to examine an interaction between any two variables in the dataset to predict domestic violence. Then, attempt to report the results in APA style using the same format as you used for moderation analysis. (1 point)
  • Can you use logistic regression analysis to answer your thesis question? When answering this item, think about whether you can answer a more interesting question than you originally proposed at the beginning of the course. If this analysis would be inappropriate, say why. (.5 point)

Thesis questions:

  1. How does gender identity influence children’s perceptions of individual skills and their gender stereotypes?
  2. What is the impact of sex, ethnicity, and age of children on their gender stereotypes and perception of their capabilities?
  3. How does gender identity impact aggression, prosocial behavior, sport competence, internalizing traits, gender stereotypes, self-efficacy, narcissism, and children’s body satisfaction?
  4. What is the effect of gender identity on the behaviors and mental states of children?

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