For this research paper I will be discussing:

  • How colonisers viewed Arab women (negative views + harem fantasies)
  • Women used as justifications for invasions – mirrors the colonisers perceptions of Arab women
  • Comparison between the use of the narrative of women for the Iraq and Afghanistan War

I’ll be attaching 5 sources so I’d like 6 more sources: 3 primary sources and 3 secondary sources.

For the secondary sources please use: Do Muslim Women Really Need Saving? and Positionalities, Intersectionalities, and Transnational Feminism in Researching Women in Post-invasion Iraq and The Discourse of the Veil. The other 2 articles are just suggestions.

For the secondary sources I want articles that discuss:

  1. The colonisers fantasies and perceptions about Arab women.
  2. Iraqi War/ how Iraqi women were used to justify the war.
  3. Afghanistan War/ how Afghani women were used to justify the war.

For the primary sources I want:

  1. Newspapers articles about both wars
  2. Speeches by U.S presidents (mainly President Bush)

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