Horizon Healthcare board of directors have challenged its leaders in improving its Turn Around Time (TAT) for patient transport trips to and from test sites and procedural exams. The hospital 2022 patient survey analysis revealed that patients wait on average 90 minutes to get to test sites. The Patient Escort department report from its database Epic, showed an average TAT of 86 minutes. Determine the ideal way in which Horizon Healthcare should implement change and that change must be Sustainable Change.


In a recent meeting with the acting Senior Manager, the Board of directors learnt that the patient escort department is understaff on both frontline and management employees. The staffing analysis for the department required 80 frontline FTE’s however it operates with 56 FTE’s. The department is 9 weeks into recruiting a director following an abrupt resignation.   Prior to this, two managers exited the department as they were promoted internally to other departments. Although, a supervisor was promoted into one of the manager’s positions, there remains 1 manager and 3 supervisor positions to be backfilled. The senior manager explained that employees do not stay in the department as they are not compensated fairly (transporters are 1199 union staff) and the opportunity for growth is slow. They also do not like their supervisors and managers as they feel overwork and undervalued.

Transporter use EPIC (software & databse used for patient care) via wifi on iphones to get transport trips. The senior manager expressed issues with poor wifi connection and not being able to get in touch with transporters depending on their locations. When this happens, supervisor are left to search for staff physically as employee go into waiting periods because they perceive it to be idle time.  This is a huge problem, as supervisor are no longer managing the EPIC systems to ensure staff is acknowledging trips as they are dispatched therefore increasing delay times.

The senior manager explained that the department is further challenged with nursing as they are not cooperative. He explained that nursing staff request transport trips while they are not ready for the trip, other’s would place a trip in the system to hold a time and this backlogs the system .Most times when a transporter reports to pick up a patient, the nursing team did not prepare the patient for the test leading to cancellations. All of these factors are measured in Epic adding to the huge delay times. He further added that nursing is disrespectful to transporters and talk down at the staff as swell as they management team.

Determine the ideal way in which Horizon Healthcare should implement change and that change must be Sustainable Change.

Advise: A key source of competitive advantage is the ability to perceive change in the market, and being able to pivot strategy and retool an organization to remain relevant: Solvent, Proactive, Reactive, Management Planning, Directing (Leading), Organizing, Control.

Paper Format

Introduction (should be 1 full page)

Summarize the existing problem(s) (4-5 sentences). State the manner in which the organization must be change (4-5 sentences). Indicated the best practices used in change initiatives in an organization (5-7 sentences). Indicate the manner in which sustainable change will be implemented through addressing the questions on what, how and why the change will be implemented (9-11 sentences).

Literature Review (from 2012 to 2023, should be 1 full page)

How have other organizations implemented such changes successfully? What is the research stating as best practices and methods to implement change?

Body of Your Paper/Organization of Change (should be 8 full pages)

Should address the following questions:

  1. What changes are being implemented?
  2. Why are these changes been implemented? In other words, which outcome/metric will this change improve or increase?
  3. How will the change be implemented and measured?

Conclusion (should be 1 full page)

Discuss the outcomes of the change initiatives and all the key takeaways. State why it is imperative that the change be implemented.  Show how and why it is sustainable change.


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