Chapter 7 through Chapter 9 & Readings by Alderman, Hawley,  and Reese

Answer the following questions in 200 to 300 words each. Try to be as distinct and clear as possible while also providing enough detail for your answers.

Q1: Explain Marx’s theory of historical materialism. What is the relationship between culture and the economy in this theory?

Q2: Identify and explain developments that are contributing to the formation of one global culture.

Q3 What is the cultural importance of place naming as discussed in Alderman’s paper? What are the two frameworks the author proposes for future research? Explain both.

Q 4 Name a language that is expanding in use today and one that is shrinking. In each case, explain why.

 Q5 What does it mean to say that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are three religions but form one religious tradition?

Q6 Describe the diffusion of Hindus to New York City as discussed in Hawley’s article.

Q7 How have humans managed to produce increasing amounts of food?

 Q8 What are the world’s principal types of subsistence agriculture, and where can each be found?

Q9 Why do rich countries subsidize agriculture? What effect does this have on the urban populations of rich countries, and what effect does it have on the farmers in poor countries?

Q10 Discuss the differences in food deserts, supermarket redlining, and food apartheid (see Reese chapter). Which of these concepts describes the realities of Anti- Black racism in the US food system most accurately in your opinion. Justify your answer.

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