1.Promoting psychological safety to speak up for patient safety among interdisciplinary healthcare delivery teams.

  • Present a summary of the current situation associated with your topic/issue.
  • Describe 1 or 2 challenges associated with your topic.
  • Describe 1 or 2 key health care players / stakeholders involved in this problem area.
  • Present and evaluate 1 or 2 possible responses for possible resolution to the challenge and discuss how the key players might be affected.
  • Draw a conclusion about the problem and its potential resolution and discuss related areas for further study.
  • Use the course material as a starting point but delve deeply into additional literature through citing at least 5-7 peer reviewed journal articles that are relevant to your topic from management, organization science, or health administration journals
    • Additional citations from books, journals in other topic areas, etc. are acceptable as well but the majority of the articles should come from the journal types listed above
  • The presentation must include a minimum of seven (7) slides (at least 1 title slide, 1 reference slide, and 5 content slides)

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