In the Health Promotion Project, you will be asked to select a health issue (eg. stress, mental health, STIs) and describe why it is important to you. You will also propose a health promotion program, intervention or health policy addressing this health issue in a specific population (eg. college students, adolescents). Health Promotion Papers should be FULL 4-5 or more pages long of CONTENT but no more than 6 pages, using double-spacing and TIMES NEW ROMAN 12-point font with APA-style writing. As part of this project you will present on your topic with a power point presentation. (50 points)


(20 points) Description of health issue in the United States; description of health issue in specified target population (must include data from appropriate sources, including firsthand interviews with relevant agencies or organization). This section also requires you to include cited information discussing the background of the health issue. This shows that there is a history of problems concerning this health issue and you will need to discuss it. Also, you will need to write about the target population for this program. Example: (women ages 18-25, Men ages 18-25, women and children, etc).

(10points) Description of intervention/health promotion program, including the following (consider MAP-IT used in Healthy People 2020):
Will this be an intervention or policy? Once decided on the actual program to help with promoting the importance of the health behavior or illness, explain what your program will help with. Why do you think this will work? What will be involved in the intervention or policy? (eg. education, advertisements, special events, restriction/regulation) 10 points
Why do you think that this intervention will work with your selected target population? 5 pt
Who will conduct the program/intervention? Will you run the program by yourself or will you have staff members? If you do have staff members, explain each of their roles. How will the program, policy or importance of the intervention be enforced? (Remember: people drop out of programs, or not follow policies. What would be your re-enforcements, regulations, etc? the 5 pt
How will program participants be recruited? (How you going to recruit participants to enter your program, (Ex: speak at schools, hospitals, post advertisements, etc ) 5 pt
How will the program be evaluated? 5 pt

(10 points) Why have you selected this health issue? What have you learned about this health issue in class?

(5 points) Grammar and Spelling

(5 points) References (within text and bibliography)

Subheadings in the Paper: (there should be at least one page per topic)

Background on Health Topic
Target Population (background on this group of people as it relates to the topic).
Six Dimensions of Health and Wellness) – with cited information, explain how this topic impacts the lives of the target population based on their six dimensions of health and wellness.
Description and Details of Intervention, Health program or health policy – refer back to the questions mentioned above that you will need to answer in this section.
Recruitment – how would you go about recruiting or getting the awareness out to your target population? How would you recruit them? How would be they be “eligible” for your program or intervention?
Program Plan, Intervention Plan or Health Policy Plan – what are the plans for this type of promotion? For example: if you are creating an intervention, what do you plan to do with these people? How will they be educated on the topic? How will you know if the program is successful or not? 
Conclusion – What are the main goals? What do you want to accomplish? What would be the overall conclusion of your program? 

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