State of practice is Nevada
1.  Identify a bill relevant to health care delivery or health care practice in the state in which you practice or plan to practice. This should be a well written double spaced 1-2 page paper (excluding title page and reference page)  using correct grammar and syntax..:

o Identify your practice state
o Identify the bill (by number) and briefly state its purpose.
o Identify the bill’s legislative sponsor(s) (by name). If there are several listed, you only need to list the primary sponsors.
o Describe the proposed benefit of the bill to health providers or citizens in the state in which it is proposed.
o List the stakeholders of the bill.  Stakeholders are anyone affected by the passing or failing of the bill, and can be supporters or opponents.  Examples include citizens, patients, providers, health care organizations, professional organizations, legislators, formal lobbyists representing select organizations and others)
o Identify pros and cons of the bill.
o Make an educated guess about the future success or failure of the bill. Explain why you are predicting this outcome.

1. BillTrack50 – allows you to search current bills at the federal level and in all 50 states:
2. Kentucky Bill Watch:  Active bills being introduced or debated in the current Kentucky legislative session:
Note: you can type in your state along with “Bill Watch” to pull up the web site for your state or the state in which you plan to practice.
3.Textbook assigned readings from Tracy & O’Grady Advanced Practice Nursing: Chapter 17 Maximizing APRN Power and Influencing policy

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