Pg 949-950 in your textbook has 3 poems which long poems created by stanzas of multiple Haiku linked. Referring to the analysis of the traditional Haiku in your powerpoint this week, please analyze the 3 following poems: 

From 9 Haiku (for Freedom’s Sisters) by Sonia Sanchez 
“Diamond Haiku” by Sue Standing 
“In the Har-Poen Tea Garden” by Linda Pastan 

You should be considering the following questions when completing your analysis. 

Does linking the Haiku break the traditional Haiku form in each stanza? In what ways does it break tradition? 
What information do you need to better understand the poem? What did you have to Google to help with your analysis? (Don’t Google meanings of the poem, but instead Google things you don’t understand like references to culture, allusions to culture or religion which might not be familiar) 
How does connecting Haiku uncover meaning in the overall poem? 
In what ways is this form more impactful? 
Does it help or hinder your understanding of the poem? 

Submit a document with your analysis, each poems analysis should be between 100-250 words. This can be a paragraph of your analysis or you can use bullet points to answer the questions above. You could also use a line-by-line analysis (like the Keats poem last week), if you chose to  do this type of analysis, please include a few sentences summarizing your thoughts at the end of the analysis with overall meanings and themes of the related poems.

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