1. In this paper, you will analyze a film that features organizational phenomena, practices,
    or issues. In your analysis, you should apply (use) several theories and concepts featured
    in the first half of the textbook. The focus of your critique could be events, practices,
    characters, or work-life issues presented in the film. Your readers should get new,
    creative, or critical insights into the phenomena documented or featured in the movie.
    Pick one of the following films:
    a. Documentaries:
    i. Massimo Mazzucco’s documentary September 11—The New Pearl Harbor
    ii. What is a Corporation?
    iii. Walmart—The High Cost of Low Prices
    b. Feature films:
    i. Up in the Air (2009)
    ii. Pursuit of Happyness (2006)
    iii. Remember the Titans (2000).
  2. Watch the film carefully. Take notes and conduct any relevant or additional research you
    may feel is needed.
  3. Try to follow the writing structure suggested below. Feel free to express your mind in
    your critique. I will never take out points based on what you state. What I will look for is
    how your analysis support or fail to support your claims.
  4. Use Grammarly.com software to weed out grammar errors in your writing.
  5. Guard against any possible temptation to copy and paste from other sources. See the
    policy on academic honesty policy in the syllabus.
  6. Limit paper to about 1500-2000 words of text, excluding references and footnotes or
  7. Suggested Writing Structure:
    a. As you write, refer to several sources or quotations in support of your claims.
    These could be from the film you examine or from any other credible source.
    b. Subdivide the post into thematic sections as you see outlined here:
    c. Title: E.g., A Critique of (Name of the Film) from a Critical Organizational
    Communication Perspective.
    d. Introduction: Get attention and briefly say what you do in this post. State your
    thesis and give a preview of what follows in the rest of the post.
    e. Theory Frame: Briefly introduce theories or concepts you use in your critique.
    f. Storyline: Briefly sum up the narrative of the film and identify a few key points
    that you focus on in your analysis.
    g. Analysis:
    i. Present your analysis in the form of a series of themes of key points and
    present them as indented sub-subheads.
    ii. Illustrates the points of your critique by referring to the anecdotes from the
    film and connecting them to the theories/concepts.
    iii. Remember you are making some knowledge claims. Support your claims
    with good reasons, references to theories, or your research findings.
    Again, I do not care what claims you make but I will definitely look for
    how your theoretical analysis and reasoning justify your claims.
    h. Conclusion
    i. Summarize the paper
    ii. Explain what you have learned from this intellectual exercise.
    iii. What are the limitations of your study or what should future scholars focus
    iv. How does it (what you learned) relate to one or more of the learning goals
    set for you to obtain in this course?
    i. References: Give citations to sources above. List here the references if you have
    used any. Use APA style (see the www.purdueowl.com for examples of in-text
    citations and reference lists).

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