Week 5 Options Menu: Forum 
Explain how a child’s level of egocentricity might affect his view of friendship. 

Week 6 Options Menu: Forum 
How would figuring out the function of a behavior affect your attitude toward a child? Why do you think this is important in our role as educators?

Week 7 Options Menu: Forum 
What does room arrangement have to do with preventing challenging behavior? Please cite information from our readings as appropriate. 

Think about the aspects of a classroom that support positive behavior for young children. Would you include a private space in your ECE classroom? Would you include books in this area? Why or why not?

Week 8 Options Menu: Forum 
Share some common practices in our society that might actually work against a child’s development of self-esteem, self-concept and self-control. Reflect on experiences children may encounter at home, school, in their communities and during extra activities in which adults may unknowingly negatively impact a child’s self-esteem, etc.

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Week 9 Options Menu: Forum 
Why is it so important to teach children how to use words as labels for their feelings? How can we do this?

Week 10 Options Menu: Forum 
Explain why authoritative caregiving would help a child develop resilience.

Week 11 Options Menu: Forum 
What kinds of behavior would you look for in a child that is stressed? How could you help a child that is stressed?

Week 12 Options Menu: Forum 
Bullying is such a hot topic and one that seems to be overused and mishandled. Based on your readings, how does using positive behavior help with bullying? 

Week 13/14 Options Menu: Forum 
Reflect on your readings and new knowledge…how can forming a relationship with a child help with challenging behavior? 

Week 15 Options Menu: Forum 
Share the number one idea or strategy that you took away from the videos. Please be specific and offer an explanation as to why you selected the idea/strategy and how you might implement it.

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