Your group is to develop a comprehensive interactive marketing plan for

The plan will contain, at a minimum, the following information:

  • Executive summary including your key interactive marketing findings and recommendation(s)
  • Current marketing situation of the company (situation analysis); at a minimum, this section will include a customer analysis, market analysis and environmental analysis
  • Analysis of the key interactive marketing issue(s) facing the company 
  • Marketing objective(s) of the plan
  • Comprehensive interactive marketing strategy recommended – must include target market(s) or group(s), media selection, and the rationale for all of your recommendations
  • Test plan or matrix – to include details on what is being tested (e.g., media, offer, timing or creative), and how test will be conducted including methodology, sample size, projected response rates, etc. 
  • Detailed budget and timelines for the plan

Please ensure that you keep your recommendations confined to what would have been feasible given the total budget that has been allocated for the plan. You may do outside research as you see fit. 


12 minute oral presentation –power points will need to be submitted the day before Week 13 class; only one submission via Blackboard per group.

You will be evaluated on your ability to analyze issues, select appropriate strategies and provide professional, marketing-based rationales based on the concepts of interactive marketing that we have studied this semester. 

This assignment is worth 35% towards your final grade. Details on how you will be evaluated are included below.


You will work with the same group from the first assignment.


Format (15%)

Is the presentation logical and easy to follow? Does it include all pertinent information areas including an executive summary, current marketing situation of company, analysis of key interactive marketing issues facing the company, marketing objective(s) of plan and an interactive marketing strategy including a test plan and budget? 

Style (10%)

Clear, concise, professional, feel rehearsed, and free from spelling and grammatical errors?

Content (75%)

  • Executive Summary (5%) – Did the executive summary provide the audience with all the required detail to understand the situation and the appropriateness of the proposed solution? 
  • Situation Analysis (25%) – Current marketing situation of company including a customer, market and environmental analyses. Does it include the key points logically presented, and leave the reader with all pertinent information to evaluate the appropriateness of recommendations to follow and understand the contexts in which the firm operates? Are the key interactive marketing issue(s) facing the company clearly outlined? 
  • Marketing Strategy (30%) – including target groups, media selection (including list recommendations for direct mail/ eMail), and rationale for selections. Are marketing objective(s) clearly stated and SMART? Is a test plan or matrix included? Does the recommended strategy address/resolve the key issues (as identified)? Is the recommended approach an interactive or direct marketing one? Is the budget detailed by program and appropriate?
  • Overall Analysis (15%) – does the report provide a well-reasoned argument that supports the proposals made? Is case fact or other information analyzed to provide a detailed perspective and support the recommendations? Does the plan incorporate interactive/direct marketing concepts/theories/frameworks?

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