1. Briefly describe your experience with groups. This can include any type of group experience: Use therapeutic Group

2. Choose one such group to describe more fully.

  1. Identify the type of group.
  2. Describe the basic history of the group and how you became involved.
  3. Identify your role in the group over time.
  4. Describe the purpose and function of the group. Did the purpose and function change over time?

3. Describe any cultural issues that affected the group. Why is being aware of cultural issues important to group work?

4. How has your previous group experience influenced your current perspective on how groups work and function?

5.What are some strengths and weaknesses of group work in therapy?

6. Based on your experience of groups, what are your initial impressions of which type(s) of group work can be a useful intervention for mental health practice? Why?


APA 7th

3 References not older than 2019

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