1.  Comparison of Events: What was the extent of economic decline in each of the 3 events? Discuss in terms of GDP, unemployment, and other major economic variables.

2.  Government Reactions: Compare changes in the government reactions to the initial shocks to the economy and the initial adjustments to the regulation of business and financial institutions.

3.  Effects on Business Decision-Making: Compare the effects of the shocks on the economy to business decision-making in the public sphere during the relevant time periods.

4.  Economic Models/Theory: How did the nature of economic models and their use in policymaking change during these time periods?

Essay Instructions:

•Times New Roman Font

•No larger than 12 point font

•Double spaced

•No extra spaces between paragraphs

•Always double-check spelling and grammar!

•4 pages

•APA format

1-inch margins

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