Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Governments should spend more money supporting the arts than athletics, such as state-sponsored Olympic teams. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

When considering the question of investing money in arts or athletes, people are hard to make a decision. However, art improvement seems more significant.

First, money investments in the improvement of arts can create a lot of economic benefits. When the funds and places for painting are provided, artists will put their hearts into the creation. The production of art will speed up, which will boost tourism. Thus, the economy will grow. For example, my brother Jack was a sculptor, he loved to create sculptures, but he always gave up his ideas because he lacked money. After the government provided him with large sums of funds and the new sculpture galleries, he became motivated to keep working. Soon, his award-winning works in the exhibition hall attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors, significantly increasing tourism revenue. It shows that investment in the arts can lead to economic growth.

Second, funding arts can cultivate people’s aesthetic capability. Aesthetic ability enables people to see the advantages and drawbacks of their lives. Because their psychological state is very different from before and thus prompts them to change. The change is permanent and positive. For example, I used to be sluggish, and my room was always messy. After a trip to the Louvre, I became interested in painting. As soon as I appreciated hundreds of images, I unconsciously found the problem in my room and took the initiative to tidy it. The translation shows that investment in the arts can build people’s aesthetic ability.

Third, though investing in transportation may be a good choice, it can also cause harm to society. For example, the quickening pace of life may lead to more diseases. However, investing in art does not harm health, proving the value of choosing art.

The government should invest in improving arts, because it would ensure long-term economic benefits, give people an aesthetic sense, and have more advantages than transportation. After all, before finalizing the decision, people should consider all consequences carefully.

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