Goleman and George point out that before we can experience true empathy for someone else, we must be empathetic toward ourselves. As Goleman notes, in most languages, the word “compassion” is defined to include compassion toward ourselves, as well as compassion to others. In contemporary English, however, “compassion” is almost always defined as being directed toward someone else rather than ourselves.

  • To what extent are you able to be empathetic to yourself? Do you agree or disagree with Goleman and George’s claim that compassion must be first self-directed before it can truly become other-directed?
  • If you were to begin practicing self-empathy and self-compassion, what form(s) would it take? Consider how you might incorporate some of the strategies from Bariso or Andreatta.

Your response should be 600-700 words. Write your reflections in paragraph form with appropriate opening and closing comments.

Required Citations – Goleman, George, Bariso, Andreatta

5.0 Week Five Reading and Lecture Requirements

5.0 Week Five Reading and Lecture Requirements


LinkedIn Learning: Getting to Know Yourself

IMPORTANT: You will need to complete the quizzes and earn the LinkedIn Learning Certificate for this unit. Your certificate will be uploaded in the Week 5 Coffee Talk.

TEDTalk: Simon Sinek’s Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe

View three short videos from an interview series by Daniel Goleman and Bill George:


Bariso’s EQ Applied – Chapter 5: The Truth About Empathy

Slaughter’s Momentum for Life, Chapter 5: Visioning for the Future

Optional Reading

Empathy Is An Essential Leadership Skill — And There’s Nothing Soft About It Link to Forbes Article

Empathy Starts with Curiosity Link to HBR Article

Making Empathy Central to Your Company Culture Link to HBR Article

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