Disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) is a time-based measure (statistic) used to assess the overall burden of disease and used an indicator of health status in global and public health. The World Health Organization (WHO) (2022)  explains that DALYs for a disease or health condition are the sum of the years of life lost due to premature mortality and the years lived with a disability due to prevalent cases of the disease or health condition in a population.


Analyze the overall burden of disease for DEPRESSION in vulnerable populations in two countries: US & UKRAINE. Identify current interventions to address the health problem. Apply an upstream thinking approach to identify potential interventions to improve social determinants of health to decrease the DALY for DEPRESSION. Discuss the potential role of the nurse related to an identified intervention.  Demonstrate accurate use of APA 7e formatting.

Identify a low or low middle income nation (UKRAINE) which also experiences a similar increased morbidity and mortality from depression and compare this to the United States.

 PointsPaper Component
2.5     2.5         8.5                       5.0           3.5                   3.0    1. Identify and explain the etiology and identify risk factors for this problem for both countries.  Include in text citation for your source(s). (3/4 page maximum)   2. Determine the incidence/prevalence/morbidity and DALY for this condition in both countries. Compare and contrast the data in a short summary. Include in-text citation for your source(s).      3. Provide a summary of any similarities and/or differences in the disparities/inequities lead to the identified health problem.  Identify vulnerable populations in each country affected (potentially affected) by the identified health problem. Choose two (2) social determinants of health (SDH) related to these populations for each country. Explain how these SDH contribute to the indicators of health status (incidence/prevalence/morbidity and DALY) and subsequent health outcomes from this condition. The SDH do not have to be the same for both countries. Include in text citation for your source(s).     4. Identify and discuss one (1) intervention which is being used in each country to control this chronic health problem. It does not have to be the same intervention in each country. Discuss how/if the intervention relates to the SDH referenced above in #3 and whether these interventions are effective.  Support discussion with citations to a professional academic source(s) (public health, private, NGO etc.).    5. Using an upstream thinking approach, choose one SDH that you identified in #3 for each country that if improved would markedly decrease the morbidity and mortality of this health problem. Explain a potential intervention that could be implemented upstream to address the SDH. Include an explanation of what the nurse’s role could potentially be to support this intervention. Support discussion with citations to professional academic source(s).         7. APA format (7th edition), grammar and format, and intext citations. Include a reference page. The sections of the document should be cohesive.  


  • This paper should be no more than 8 pages long (not including cover and references). There is no abstract in APA 7th edition.
  • This paper should have NO direct quotations unless it is a direct spoken quote from a person. All information needs to paraphrased with intext citations.
  • Resources must professional, peer reviewed, governmental sources, and/or professional organizations. Information from the WHO, CDC, etc. are acceptable but be observant of dates. There must be at least 2 peer reviewed professional journal citations. All references should be published after 2016 unless it holds some historical meaning.

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World Health Organization (WHO). (2022). Disability-adjusted life years (DALYs). The Global Health Observatory. https://www.who.int/data/gho/indicator-metadata-registry/imr-details/158#:~:text=Definition%3A-,One%20DALY%20represents%20the%20loss%20of%20the%20equivalent%20of%20one,health%20condition%20in%20a%20population

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