When it comes to convincing a company’s representatives to adopt a new technology into their processes, representatives tend to face some challenges. They are often asked by these organizations, what is the latest and greatest technology? Most want to know what technologies are worth adopting for their company and implementing into their systems. For full potential to be reached from these new technologies, the new systems must be successfully integrated into a company’s current business processes and procedures. After adopting new technologies a company’s existing procedures need to be changed and adapted in order to incorporate the new technology. 


  1. http://www.jstor.org/stable/pdf/2951282.pdf?acceptTC=tru

This paper provides information about workers, wages, and skillset on how they are affected by technology change. It shows facts and results about how new technologies help produce more efficient workers. Gaining smarter workers pre new technologies and post technologies. 

This article provides information about workers understanding the big picture for the business and its vision for the future when it comes to technology changes. Explaining that embracing change as part of their routine. And making sure the employees are onboard with every digital solution.

Strategies to help staff adapt to new technology article goes into detail describing how to properly condition your employees for incoming technology changes. They describe by first getting your team onboard, then training, then learning hands on. Also touching on making it fun for staff so this experience is good and not bad. 

This article provides information from a business perspective about adapting to new technologies. They provide facts from Ashridge Executive Education at Hult International Business School that collected data from 528 leaders. It highlights mainly on how leaders can make the correct changes and direction they should take. 

This is a short article getting to the point. They make bold statements that technology changes are vital for growth. They provide factual insight with cellular devices as an example about how quickly technology changes were adapted so fast. 

I really enjoyed this informational website. As soon as you enter the link you feel as if you’re part of a technology advanced website with a great introduction page. They provide charts and graphs with great factual information regarding technology changes. Check this one out if you have a chance. 

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