For this project, you will create a piece designed with the use of gestalt laws of perception as tools for creating emphasis/focal point and unity. Your completed project needs to utilize at least 2 of the gestalt laws. Start with a message in mind. What would you like your audience to feel or understand because of your effort? What would you like to communicate: a feeling? A concept? A goal?


  • Step 1: Research and brainstorm. Select the medium for your project.
  • Step 2: Sketch, plan, and gather materials and inspiration.
  • Step 3: Create and refine the project.
  • Step 4: Complete and submit your project via a PowerPoint Presentation, prepared according to the guidelines below.


At the conclusion of your project, create a PowerPoint presentation which explains your knowledge of the theory, preparation for the project, and application of the theory in the creative project.

  • Title slide: Gestalt Theory Project, Your Name
  • Part 1 (1–3 slides): Explanation of gestalt theory, and explanation of how your work is an application of this theory exhibiting at least 2 laws.
  • Part 2 (3–8 slides): Research/inspiration, concept explanation (message), and concept development (planning, sketching, and showing the process).
  • Part 3 (3–6 slides):Final product.
    • If you are submitting a hand rendered piece, include 3 photographs of the entire piece from different angles.
    • If you are submitting a digital piece, include 1 fully rendered image of the piece. Additional images zooming in to parts of the piece are worthy of notation.

Notes on Format:

  • Each slide must not contain every word you plan to say, but rather brief bullet points to trigger the memory/provide a guidepost for information to follow verbally.
  • A more thorough written script must be included in the speaker’s notes section (what you would be saying if you were presenting this verbally).
  • The overall presentation must be designed formally and consistently.
  • Images must be of professional quality with the best possible lighting.
  • Each Presentation must be available in PowerPoint format as well as in PDF format. You may submit in a different format if the instructor can view the speaker’s notes or if they are attached in an additional document with slide-by-slide script.

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