The genogram drawing should include: 

  1. A minimum of three previous generations. This means the genogram must have at least three generations: Myself, wife, 3 children, a brother ,and his wife who has 3 children, a sister and her husband who has 3 children, Father, Mike (Deceased, died of heart attack), Mother, Mother in-law (she currently has trait of dementia). Grandfather (deceased ;1905-2007, was a commercial farmer, has a wife Eunice who is also deceased at age 83 1919-2002. They both loved each other dearly and supported each other. They both had 4 boys (Mike, Rotimi, Samuel, Clement, Dayo & Mary (Deceased). But I am not too close to my all my uncles.
  2. Symbols, as illustrated in Figure 8.3 of the Goldenberg and Goldenberg textbook, to indicate the nature of the relationships among family members. You may use some or all of these symbols. Be sure to draw a double circle/square to represent the index person (as shown in Figure 8.4; “Ivan” is the index person for that genogram). For more help with creating your Genogram Drawings, check out the following websites:, or These are just some resources.
  3. Brief notes, on the genogram drawing itself, about people, events, etc. – next to the relevant person or generation.  Father; Mike (although deceased, has intimate relationship with him and was loved by all his children and wife including me. He was military personnel, very hard working.

Mother (Vero), she is 75 years old: Very supportive, hardworking, she is an orphan and wanted all her children to successful. Hoping for her to migrate to canada

Wife (Ola):  She creative, resourceful, loveable, and she is the only child of her parents

Son, 13years; David: very funny, intelligent, and love to cheer everyone up.

Mother- in-law; Regina, she is 75years: Hoping for her to migrate to Canada for medical attention

Daughters (twin); Deborah & Dorcas both are 1years old: they are young and always very loud although very intelligent and always want be with Daddy.

Brother; Kunle, 1982 has 3 children; one boy (Mike, 10 years) 2 girls (Medera & Eunice ) both are 4 and 5months old . The wife of Kunle’s name is Bumi (38years old)

Sister; Anu , 1985 has 3 children; one boy whose name Moses (6years), 2 girls (Hannah 8years and Dina 4 years). The husband’s name is Dauda.

Drawings with no additional notes will not be graded ; showing relevant information next to the people or relationships they refer to is part of what makes this visual depiction of a family system so powerful. However, it is also important to be selective – choose to represent the information that you think is most important/influential in the index person’s development. The ideal genogram is not so cluttered with information that no patterns in the family system can be discerned. Remember to place each generation on more or less the same level, horizontally. All members of the parents’ generation should be on the same level as one another, a tier above the index person’s generation; and all members of the grandparents’ generation should be on the same level as one another, horizontally, one tier above the parents’ generation, at the top of the page. 

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