CLR 1: Compare major groups of fungi and their impact on current human affairs.
CLR 2: Explore the industrial application of fungi and their bi-products.
CLR 3: Contrast the historical use of fungi in different cultures.
CLR 4: Select, critically assess and document information using accepted citation principles.

Objective of this Assignment: 
To perform research on how fungus is researched and/or used by a particular company and the effects, or the potential effects, of this research and use on humanity in a more general sense. 
Pre-Assignment Instructions: 
1. Your first step in Assignment 1 is to identify and select an organization that is involved with fungi in some capacity. Fungi are the subject of countless applications in business and research, in art and science. Here are a few resources to get you started:

General fungus applications links: 

Subject Areas for Company Search:
Fungi and Food (yeast, brewing, manufacturing, etc.)
Mycelium uses
Fashion and Design
Fungi and Medicine (reviews for ideas)
Fungi and Soil, particularly Mycorrhizae,
Environmental Science, Bio-remediation
Fungi and Pest Control

Some businesses (there are many.):
Ecovative Design
Fungi Perfecti

Assignment Tasks: 
1. Name the organization and its main purpose. Write a brief summary of the organization’s focus on the use of fungi in their business model, as well as any fungus-related company values. (1-2 paragraphs) 
2. Describe briefly the organization’s activities regarding the use of fungi. Clearly identify the Taxonomic identity of the fungus used, from Kingdom down to species name (as close as possible). Write out the full species name. Is the organization’s use of this fungi positive/negative/both? Include links to direct the reader to further information (website, news articles, ongoing projects, etc.). Choose a few activities to summarize. (2-3 paragraphs). 
3. Expand on how the organization’s activities with fungi, affect our world, and its impact on human health and well-being. We know that fungi are diverse and successfully interconnect with their world. Think about our discussions & notes about interconnections and make links between the use of fungi and the resulting impact of its use on our world. (2-3 paragraphs). 
4. Personal reflection: Take some time to briefly explore how this organization and its ‘myco’-focus, could affect you personally. Why did you choose this topic? Does the topic make you consider further actions to help our world and make it better? What do you think? (1-2 paragraphs)

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