Structure of the assignment

There is one question within the assignment which is related to evaluating the risk management process, risk governance, risk reduction and risk management systems of organisations. If any part of the assignment is ignored this reduces the maximum marks which could potentially be awarded. The assignment answer should be carefully checked before submission for the use of appropriate and acceptable grammar. The correct use of English spelling is to be employed throughout.

Submission of the assignment

All questions must be attempted and submitted in one document. You are advised to prepare your assignment in Word format and copy and paste contents from Excel where spreadsheets have been used to support your work. Only Microsoft Word file will be allowed for submission.


Organisations always face numerous risks no matter how big or small they are. While mostly being defined as probability or threat of damage, injury, liability, loss or any other negative occurrence that is caused by external or internal vulnerabilities, the International Standards Office (ISO, 2009) defines risk as the “effect of uncertainty on objectives”. However, to make a business thrive, taking risks is unavoidable. Michael Dell (1999) once said, “There’s no risk in preserving the status-quo, but there’s no profit, either”. Therefore it is essential for firms to manage risks in the best possible way, to actively seek, and understand the major risks they face and set operations in place that will enable them to manage any risk to their advantage


FTSE firm Rolls-Royce is a major name in more than one industry. It manufactures a range of products including jet engines and power systems and has also expanded into nuclear technology and electric aircraft. Recently Rolls-Royce has seen a significant reduction share price and has visibly suffered throughout the pandemic.

Critically evaluate the adopted risk management process, risk governance strategy and overall risk management systems of Rolls-Royce for the period 2017-2021. Present all your critical analysis and results in a clear way highlighting any areas of concern and your recommendations.

Words limit = 2000 words (excluding tables and any computations; preliminary pages such as table of contents, abstracts and introduction; and references).

Suggested resources: Audited Accounts, strategy reports published by the company, analyst coverage, and company websites all provide insight into the company’s approach to risk management. Peer comparison is expected to provide context to your analysis.

Need a table of content

Please use Harvard referencing style (you can use as many references as you want, (NO LIMIT)

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