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One of the critical pieces of academic writing is synthesis – combining lines of thought into something new. Through synthesis, we show that we can take multiple concepts and ideas, mix them, and create something more substantial together than the individual pieces that make it up. In this conversation, we will start with two concepts: a) power from Northouse & b) emotional intelligence from Bariso. Ultimately, the goal of this reflection will be to start with two delineated ideas and then show how they connect/work together in your work.

As you prepare to write this piece, please open the link and complete the Global EQ Test: Global EQ Test

Write a 400-word reflection on your uses and understanding of power, as reflected in French and Raven’s model. What types of power do you believe you hold?  How comfortable are you with the concept of “power?” What does the word “power” mean for you personally? Connecting to that, explore how your level of emotional intelligence affects your perceptions and uses of power in your life.

Required Citations – Northouse; French & Raven (cited as a secondary source). References that you mention in the post should be cited using APA style. 

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