Self-study Sheet

To do: please read the play. If the text is difficult to understand, it is of course OK to read the play translated into your first language. After reading the whole play, please answer the following questions. Free style: bullet points, full sentences, images are all OK as long as you share your ideas. Please type your answers in this file.

Question 1: Please choose 1-2 questions from the Elinor Fuchs text, and apply the selected questions for the Spring Awakening.

Question 2: Please choose a character of the play, and share your thoughts about her/him/it. How would you describe? If you are the director, who or what type of actor you would choose for that role? Which scene in the play is the most important/interesting for that character? Please describe your thoughts about that scene.

Question 3: What were your overall impressions about this play? What was the most important/strange/challenging/annoying about it for you? Also, feel free to mention which parts of the reading was too difficult to understand. It is not easy text, so it is OK to ask me if you feel that some parts need explanation.

Your contribution is important. We will use your thoughts and ideas in the live discussions.

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