Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal had four broad goals: 1) to save representative democracy in the United States, 2) to save private property, private enterprise capitalism in the United States, 3) to maintain the basic welfare of individual Americans, and 4) to create economic security by making sure a crisis on the scale of the Depression could not happen again. Explain how the New Deal approached these goals. Was it successful in preventing the failure of democracy and rise of state-planned economies so common across Europe during the same time period? What are examples of legislation associated with each goal? What opposition did the New Deal run into, and what was the reaction of FDR’s administration? What were the long-term effects of the New Deal?

This essay prompt requires a long-form written response, using complete sentences and appropriate grammar and punctuation. Expect to write 500 to 750 words to fully answer the prompt. APA Format with sources properly cited.

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