The Problem Statement will be the heart of your dissertation because it will not only explain what your research will investigate, it also will lay out the importance of conducting this research. You will spend considerable time refining this as you move from your Prospectus to your eventual dissertation work.

The Statement of the Problem section is located in Chapter 1 of your dissertation and must “succinctly discuss the problem and provide evidence of its existence”. This section must not exceed 250-300 words, including the citations. Review the template (attached).

You might also find it very helpful to review the Problem Statements from completed dissertations of alumni. The library offers a complete list of Psychology Dissertations included in this week’s assigned readings.

Assignment instructions:

Prepare a brief problem statement (250-300 words) related to your selected topic area (Low-Income Families Inability to Access Technology, Even with Infrastructure) that you now believe represents a potential area of inquiry that you might pursue for your dissertation.

Remember, a problem statement uses critically evaluated findings from previous research to demonstrate the existence of a gap in knowledge appropriate to a dissertation. Your problem statement must use sources to demonstrate what you know and do not know, not what researchers have done and not done.

Next, you will prepare a paper in which you discuss:
1. Include a brief reflection that includes a discussion of your experience writing the Problem Statement. How did you condense the key information from your literature review into 300 words or less? What problems or concerns did you experience during this process?
2. Discuss a research method and design related to this potential problem. Explain how this method and design would be appropriate to address the problem you have identified.
3. Describe feasibility issues related to your proposed method/design and potential problem. What practical considerations or ethical and legal issues would you need to consider?

Length: 250-300 word Problem Statement, 1-2 page paper, plus reference page

References: Include a minimum of 15 scholarly resources.

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