Week 2: Threaded Discussion: Executive Project Introduction and PICOT Development (graded)

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In leading a change effort or initiative in an organization, it is important to first crystalize your thoughts about important elements of the change. One common model used for this step is known as PICOT. PICOT identifies and defines five important elements of a change initiative and serves as a foundation for the planning phase of project management. As part of your Executive Track courses, you have been given opportunities to practice writing PICOT elements and statements in the format preferred in this specialty track. This will be your opportunity to apply that practice to a real-life scenario. 

In this discussion area, you will do the following: 

  1. Provide a brief narrative introduction to your project topic or idea that covers the following points: 
    1. The problem 
    1. How the problem was identified 
    1. The proposed solution 
    1. The potential benefits to the organization that the proposed change will bring about 
  2. Post an initial draft of your five PICOT elements (see below for further requirements). 

After posting a short narrative introduction to your proposed practice change, process change, or quality improvement idea, you will list an initial draft of each of your five PICOT elements: 

  • P: Identify/define the population 
    • This can be the population that is being asked to change a practice.
    • This may be a population that is the focus of the change. 
    • Do not use this element to state the problem. 
  • I: Intervention – This is the new action you propose to address the problem and is intended to produce an improved outcome. 
  • C: Comparison – What is the current practice that is not producing the desired outcome? 
  • O: Outcome – This is an objective measure that will be used to evaluate the effect of your intervention. There must be objective and measurable metrics as part of this statement. 
  • T: Time – How long will it take to have enough time and enough data to determine if your intervention produced the desired results? 

Your instructor will provide feedback that may include requests for revisions in one or more of your PICOT elements. Upon receiving that feedback, you are to make revisions until you receive notification from the instructor that the PICOT is approved. 

MSN Threaded Discussion Guidelines and Grading RubricLinks to an external site.

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