Analyze real world companies based on the requirements listed below from the point of view of an analyst/investor. Submit a written report to Canvas by Week 7 

Compare and evaluate Tesla and General Motors based on their financial statements. The financial statements of 2020 are available in Canvas. Use tables, charts or graphs to present numbers/ratios and provide your interpretation and analysis of the numbers. It is required that present financial information (numbers and ratios) for year 2020. You are encouraged to analyze firm performance based on multi-year information and trend.

  • Assess the size and growth aspects of each company based on the following financial statement related items
  • Size
    • total assets and total revenue
    • market cap
  • Growth
    • asset growth and revenue growth
    • market to book ratio
    • price to earnings ratio (P/E ratio)
  • Use following ratios or financial statemen item to compare and analyze business performance.
  • Profitability
  • gross profit percentage (LO 5.6)
  • return on assets (LO 1.6)
  • return on common stockholders’ equity, earnings per share, and the price/earnings ratio (LO 13.7)
  • Solvency
  • debt ratio (LO 2.5)
  • debt to equity (12.6)
  • free cash flows
  • Liquidity
  • current ratio (LO 4.6)
  • acid-test ratio (LO 8.5)
  • Operating Efficiency
  • inventory turnover, days’ sales in inventory (LO 6.6)
  • accounts receivable turnover ratio, and days’ sales in receivables (LO 8.5)
  • asset turnover ratio (LO 9.6)


Firm Size
Total Assets or Total Revenues, or Market Cap
Growth Aspects
Asset Growth(Assets t – Assets t-1)/Assets t-1
Sales Growth(Sales t – Sales t-1)/Sales t-1
Market to BookMarket Value of Equity/ Book value of Equity
Price Earnings Ratio (P/E)Market Price Per Share/Earnings Per Share
Profitability Ratio
Gross Profit percentageGross Profit/Net Sales
Return on AssetsNet Income/Average Total Assets
Return on Equity(Net Income – Preferred Dividends)/Average Common Stockholder’s Equity
Liquidity Ratio
Current RatioCurrent Assets/Current Liabilities
Acid-test Ratio (Quick Ratio)(Cash + Short Term Investments + Accounts Receivable)/Current Liabilities
Solvency Ratio
Debt to AssetTotal Liabilities/Total Assets
Debt to EquityTotal Liabilities/Total Equity
Free Cash FlowsCash Provided by Operating Activities – Capital Expenditures – Cash Dividends
Activity Ratio
Inventory TurnoverCost of Goods Sold/Average Inventory
Days in Inventory365/Inventory Turnover Ratio
Accounts Receivable TurnoverNet Credit Sales/Average Accounts Receivable
Days in Collection365/Accounts Receivable Turnover
Asset Turnover RatioNet Sales/Average Total Assets

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