You will produce a final research project on your topic (18-20 pages, not including the bibliography). Your final project should include the following: 1) a clear articulation of the policy puzzle motivating your research question, 2) a concise synthesis of existing research related to your research question, 3) an identification of both the dependent variable and primary independent variable(s), 4) a coherent explanation of the hypothesized relationship between your dependent and independent variable(s), 5) a detailed description of how you measured your dependent and primary independent variable(s) and what data you plan to use in order to do so, and 6) a statistical approach to testing your hypothesis and an interpretation of the results. You will want to first present some descriptive statistics and then conduct several statistical tests of your hypothesis. There are many different ways to present your results so be creative in designing tables and/or figures to do so. Finally, 7) a discussion of the policy implications and future research directions indicated by your findings.

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