Leaders in the health information management field are responsible for important hospital operations. Data analysis, patient care, and maintaining compliance are all processes and policies that leadership must maintain and even sometimes create. These procedures must apply to a variety of different professions within the hospital, not just health information management, as every role within the hospital works with health information in different ways. In addition, developing methods for training employees, and enacting those methods, is of paramount importance in order to accommodate the variety of roles that must be trained.

For your final project, imagine you are the administrator of the health information department in a hospital with some challenging problems that you need to find solutions for. You will demonstrate your leadership ability through training materials that you will design based on the procedures and policies you created in Prompt A. As a leader, your materials should aim to motivate your clinicians and employees to join in the effort to improve the performance and compliance of your hospital.

In this assignment, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes:

· Design training materials for ensuring the privacy and security of patient information and compliance with appropriate health regulations

· Propose leadership strategies that could be utilized by health information management leaders in fostering improved collaboration and culturally competent, ethical practices between health departments

Prompt B

Now that you have developed new procedures for your employees at Mercy Vale, you must design the training materials that will help teach these procedures. These materials will be in the form of a presentation; the audience is employees at Mercy Vale who need to be informed about these new procedures. You will also propose leadership strategies to implement in order to ease the implementation of these new procedures.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

Design training materials that will teach employees how to enact the new procedures outlined in your policy. Your training materials must accomplish the following:

A. Clearly demonstrate to employees the steps of your new procedures that your employees must now perform and follow. Be sure to provide examples of how employees will act out these procedures.

 B. Clearly demonstrate how these new procedures will improve compliance with regulations and standard-setting agencies.

 C. Clearly demonstrate the importance of these new procedures in terms of patient safety and security of patient information. Be sure to support this with examples.

 D. Recommend leadership strategies that management could use in disseminating and enforcing these new procedures.

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