Final Paper:  Hypothesizing the Effects of a Proposed Health Care Policy Locally and Abroad


 This paper serves two main purposes:

 1.             to allow you to apply what you have learned in the course to hypothesize the effects of a proposed health care policy on local U.S. communities.

 2.             to compare the proposed health care policy and its effects in the U.S. to another nation’s related health care policy and its effects in that nation.


You will write a 10-12 page paper (12 point Times New Roman font, double spaced) in APA format.  Like the mid-term presentation, the paper should include at least one original graphic or visual representation that clearly enhances data or concepts explained in the paper (for example, a graph, a chart, a diagram, or a mind map), but no more than three graphic or visual representations total. The following is a suggested list of programs you can use for your graphic representation (but feel free to use another program not on this list):

PowerPoint (best for creating a graph or pie chart illustrating quantitative information)

Google Slides (best for the same as Power Point)

Word (best for the same as Power Point)

LucidChart (best for mind mapping the multiple effects of a health care policy on multiple communities, or the likely ethical issues that would arise)

Piktochart (best for creating an infographic display of facts or data)

Canva (best for the same as Piktochart)

Prezi (best for motion—zooming in and out of different frames containing images and information)

The cover sheet, graphics, and reference sheet do not count toward the page total.  Please cite in APA style and remember that APA format requires headings for each section.  More specific instructions appear below.


You completed your preparation and pre-writing for this essay by completing the mid-term project and answering the Weeks 5-7 discussion board prompts.  Please refer to your mid-term and your answers to the Weeks 5-7 prompts. You may not simply copy your previous work to complete this paper. You will have to revise and refine these answers according to the format given below, for this paper.  You will need to provide citations from credible sources throughout your paper.  Please do NOT simply quote sources.  You should have no more than 3 direct quotes in this paper.

 By now, your instructor should have approved the following, in response to your discussion board posts for Weeks 5-7 of this course:

 1.          the proposed U.S. health care policy you have chosen to analyze and apply based on the health care crisis you discussed on the Week 5 discussion board, and  the online resources on proposed health care policies provided under Week 5 of Blackboard.

2.          the effects that this policy would have on various U.S. communities as well as the relevance of environmental racism.

3.          a related health care policy in another nation.

4.          the overall effects this policy has had, or would have, in the other nation.

5.          your predictions for the future of this policy, in practice, in the U.S.

 If you do not have your instructor’s explicit approval of all five of these components, please e-mail your instructor for this approval.

 Section 1: Introduction (1-1.5 pages)

 1.          Begin your paper with a 4-5 sentence paragraph explaining the proposed U.S. health care policy and how and why it came about, in your own words.  Cite (don’t quote!) at least two credible sources in this paragraph.

 2.          In the next paragraph briefly explain how this proposed U.S. health care policy is related to a current healthcare crisis in the U.S. (the same health care crisis you discussed for the Week 5 discussion board).  The proposed policy does not have to address the health care crisis directly.  Explain how you see the policy and the crisis being connected or related to each other.  Cite at least one credible source in this paragraph.

 3.          End the introduction with a brief 3-4 sentence paragraph on which major groups or segments of U.S. society would benefit and which major groups or segments would pay, or lose, as a result of this proposed health care policy.

 Section 2: Effects on Specific U.S. Communities and the Environment (3.5-5 pages)

 Here, you should devote one 0.5-0.75 page subsection to each of the following U.S. communities.  Discuss the proposed health care policy’s likely effects on each community, from both a sociological and public health perspective. Use your own words, and cite at least one credible source in each subsection, making sure you don’t cite any source more than three times total in this entire section.  Also, make sure that at least one source is from the health sciences.

 ●           poor and low-income Americans

●           African Americans

●           Hispanic Americans

●           Native Americans

●           Asian Americans

●           elderly Americans

●           the environment

  Section 3: A Related Health Care Policy and Its Effects in Another Nation (1.5-2)

 Compare and contrast the proposed U.S. health care policy you’ve discussed in Sections 1 and 2 with a related health care policy in another nation.  Explain how you see the policy as being connected or related, and why. Explain the effects that the other nation’s policy has on the nation as a whole, and briefly compare and contrast those effects to the effects that the proposed U.S. health care policy would have on the U.S. as a whole. You must cite at least two different credible sources in this section.

 Section 4: Conclusion with a Consideration of Alternative Medicine and Bioethics (3.5-4 pages)

 1.      If this proposed health care policy were presented at a town hall meeting, for public discussion, which groups discussed in Section 2 (including environmentalists) would argue in favor of the policy and which ones wouldn’t, and why? (1 page)

 2.      Would the nation you discussed in Section 3 most likely support or be in favor of the U.S. adopting the proposed policy?  Why or why not? (0.5 pages)

 3.      How would alternative health care providers respond to the policy?  Would they be in favor of it?  Why or why not? In answering this question, be sure to cite at least one source from the health sciences.  (It cannot be a source you cited in Section 2). (0.75-1 page)

 4.      If the U.S. were to adopt this policy, what ethical issues would likely emerge for health care providers, and why? Again, be sure to cite at least one source from the health sciences. (It can be the same source you cited in answering question 3, above, but not the same source you cited in Section 2) (0.75-1 page)

 5.      Do you believe the U.S. will adopt this proposed health care policy?  Why or why not? (0.5-0.75 pages)

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