Please answer each question on a separate page and submit all the questions and answers as one MS Word file or PDF. Each question can be answered in a page or two.  In-text citations and reference list are required if you use material from other than the Olden textbook. Begin answering each question by posting the question at the top of the page.  Each answer is worth 5 points, thus 5% of the course grade.

  1. What are the most important responsibilities of a governing board and what is their effect on the operations of a healthcare organizations? (Chapter 5)
  • In a hospital, how does the medical staff complicate the traditional management organization hierarchy? What challenges does the medical staff create for administrative managers? (Chapter 5)
  • Compare and contrast the sources of personal and positional power discussed in Chapter 10.  Which types of power do you prefer? Which would you feel least comfortable using?
  • Describe with specific examples how at least five management theories, principles, methods, or tools studied in this course that could be used in Kotter’s (Chapter 14) eight-step process for large-scale organization change.
  • Discuss what is cultural competence and why is it important for healthcare managers? (Chapter 15)

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