The exam is based primarily on these events/people/concepts. Before you turn this in, please delete this list so it doesn’t mess up your “” report. You may opt to do the same for all of the instruction sections as well, but that’s up to you. I’m only looking for similarities within your content – not mine



Lend-Lease Bill

Atlantic Charter

Pearl Harbor

War Production Board

Tuskegee Airmen

Bracero program

Zoot Suit Riots

War Relocation Camps


Yalta Conference


The Big Three

Office of Price Administration

A. Philip Randolph


Operation Overlord

“Arsenal of Democracy”

Island Hopping

GI Bill

Cold War

Iron curtain


National Security Act


Marshall Plan


Massive Retaliation

Domino Theory

Berlin Wall

Fair Deal




Sweatt v. Painter


Freedom Riders

Montgomery Bus Boycott


Black power

Civil Rights Act 1964

“Southern Manifesto”

“massive resistance”



New Frontier

Great Society

“silent majority”

Civil Rights Act of 1964

Voting Rights Act 1965

Bay of Pigs

Gulf of Tonkin

War Powers Act

Cuban Missile Crisis




Stonewall Riots

New Left


United Farm Workers

Red Power

Post-WW2 Women’s movement




HIV/AIDS crisis



Desert Storm

New Democrats


Contract with America

War on Terror

Great Recession ‘07-‘09

Affordable Care Act

Section 1. Identification (45 points). This section will test your knowledge of the key people/events/concepts of the course and whether you can explain the significance. From the list of terms given above, choose FIVE (at least one from each column) and write a paragraph (4-5 sentences) for each that discusses the who/what/when/where information. Then you should be able to argue why it/they is significance to American history. (The significance could be at least one of the following: the event/person created a change or led to something else happening; and /or the event/person is an example of a larger concept or phenomenon; and/or the event/person corrects a common misperception about American history). Type your responses in the numbered area below. Use as much space as you need.

Section 2. Consequences (20 points). This section will test whether you can identify and explain the consequences of events in American history (in other words, you’re discussing what happened because of something). You must provide the consequences for these key events. Answer in 3-5 sentences.

  1. What were the consequences of World War II for women and minorities at home?

  2. What were the consequences of the Truman Doctrine?

  3. What were the consequences of the Brown v. Board of Education ruling? 

  4. What were the consequences of the Watergate Scandal?

Section 3. Historical Progression (35 points). This section will test whether you understand the relation of events in American history to each other. You will choose one the historical progression questions below and provide seven events in that category in order. For each event, you will provide a 2 sentence statement that explains why that step was significant or served as a turning point in a given progression question. Some of the terms above could be points or could inform your points. Begin by deleting all the questions except for the one you’re choosing.

  • How did the role/place of the United States in the World change after the 1930s?
  • How did the role of the Federal Government in the Economy and Society change after the 1930s?
  • How did efforts to reform American Government and Society change after the 1930s?
  • How did the labor movement evolve after the 1930s?
  • How did strategies to confront racism/discrimination change after the 1930s?
  1. Event/moment:

  2. Event/moment:

  3. Event/moment:

  4. Event/moment:
  5. Event/moment:

  6. Event/moment:


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