Final Comprehensive Case Analysis: This final comprehensive case analysis will give you the opportunity to pull together all the various aspects of strategic management to analyze a real-world case and to practice the skills of a strategic decision-maker.

Your analysis will be about Panera Bread located in your final project materials tab. The assignment is due the last day of class and cannot be late.

Begin the class by reading Chapter 13, on page 346 of your text for instructions on how to complete your comprehensive case analysis. I suggest that you start this project early in the class. Please do not put this off until the last few weeks. This is a project that will sharpen your strategic thinking skills, and comprehensively bring together the elements of sound strategic audit skills, that can be transferred on-the-job immediately.

As you write your final comprehensive case analysis…

  • Follow the instructions in Chapter 13 of your text.
  • Use only the information that can be found in the text case. DO NOT use outside sources.
  • Organize your paper following the submission checklist for comprehensive case final case study. The checklist is provided in the Final Project tab.
  • Do not repeat the facts of the case without demonstrating any specific knowledge about what you have learned.
  • Integrate many Key Terms from the text into your writing and demonstrate that you understand the definition of those terms and how they apply to the case.  Key Terms are listed at the end of each chapter in your text.
  • Do not simply write an opinion piece. You must demonstrate that you are learning about strategic management by supporting your opinions with concepts presented in the text.
  • Your writing should be commensurate with college-level work.
  • Use your critical thinking skills to explain each topic in depth. Do not simply skim the surface of the topics. Fully explain and justify each of your statements.
  • There is no specific requirement for the length of your paper, although the average page count often exceeds 10 pages.
  • Remember that the entire textbook is available to you.
  • Proofread! Read your paper aloud to ensure it makes sense. Avoid spelling errors, awkward sentences, sentence fragments and run-on sentences.  Practice professional business writing.

Final Comprehensive Case Analysis Format:

Final Comprehensive Case Analysis assignments submitted in any format other than that described below will not be graded and will be given a score of “0”.

  • Your paper must be double-spaced. Use Times New Roman 12 Point font.
  • You must include the name of the Case Study and your first and last name on each page of your document.
  • You must submit the assignment as a Word Document or pdf file. Save the file in this format: Your First and Last Name, Name of Case Study. For example, if I were submitting a Tesla Case Study, I would name the file: Christopher Thompson Tesla.

Submitting Final Comprehensive Case Analysis Assignments:

  • Submit your Final Comprehensive Case Analysis Assignment in our Blackboard classroom.
  • You must submit your assignment as an attachment.  I do not grade assignments that are pasted into the textbox.
  • After you have submitted your assignment, open your submission to verify that the document is attached.
  • It is your responsibility to submit your assignment correctly. Contact the State University Help Desk if you have trouble figuring out how to submit your assignment as an attachment.

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