Final Assessment  – The Full Process: From IP Schemes, To Simulations and to Troubleshooting

This assessment will allow you to show your mastery of your learning in the networks part of this module. 

There are three tasks to complete:

Task 1:

The IP schemes

For this task, take the network diagram shown below and create two IP schemes – one for IPv4 and another for IPv6.  You should choose suitable IP address ranges as appropriate.  You should supply a scheme table for each version, and a reworked diagram showing your IP scheme applied to the diagram.  There is a link to a Powerpoint version of this network for ease of applying the scheme.  Available here  Download Available here.  This section is worth 30 marks out of a possible 100.

Diagram  Description automatically generated

ask 2: The Simulation:

For this part of the assessment, you are to build a simulation in Packet Tracer to match the IP scheme diagram below.  This is also available in PDF form so you can have a paper version if you wish when working with the simulator.  This is available here  Download This is available here.  This network will use IPv4 and OSPFv2.  The black devices have already been configured for you and are available as a starter network  Download starter networkhere.  This part of your assessment is worth 50 marks out of a possible 100.

Map  Description automatically generated

Task 3: The Troubleshooting Task:

In this part you need to examine the network below very closely.  You will also need to download the network simulation as it stands here  Download network simulation as it stands here.  This network is suffering from 10 faults which is stopping the simulation working.  Your task is to track down each fault and rectify it whilst writing up how you found and fixed the fault.  The Packet Tracer file we are using is a self-marking simulation – as you find and rectify the faults, the completion percentage will rise. Make sure you save the file regularly as you locate and fix faults in case of system crashes.

Please do understand though that a complete reconfiguration of a device is not acceptable as a fix for any fault!  Include your repaired simulation with your commentary (max 1000 words) on how you found and fixed those faults.  A PDF version of this diagram  Download PDF version of this diagramis also available for your convenience here.  This task is worth 20 out of a possible 100 marks.

Map  Description automatically generated

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