Introduction: Identify a specific film that allows for an insightful discussion of Jethro Roth-Kushel’s argument in “Fight Club: A Ritual Cure for the Spiritual Ailment of American Masculinity.” Rothe-Kushel contends that we (the film audience) are “stuck in an outdated paradigm that does not take into account the plurality of roles a human can play.” In other words, we accept and expect traditional gender roles despite the plurality and diversity that exists in our lives and the lives around us.

Assignment: Once you have completed a thorough reading of all the articles for this section, decide on a relevant film for this assignment. You will need to consider the following issues in your analysis and argument: 

  • How are the characters constructed in the film? In other words, how are “masculinity” and “femininity” defined and depicted in the film? Consider whether the characters’ roles, dialogue, and interpersonal relationships conform to or challenge traditional gender roles. 
  • Examine how “power” is defined in the film and the nature of this power; for example, from where does the main character’s derive his/her strength? What larger social and cultural implications can you draw about what it means to be masculine or feminine in our society today? 
  • If your film choice has strong female leads, consider incorporating Ashley Elaine York’s essay “From Chick Flicks to Millennial Blockbusters: Spinning Female Driven Narratives into Franchises.” 

Guidelines: Use 4-5 outside sources, including the Common Culture film texts we read  and at least two outside sources from an database. Provide reasons (analysis) for why you have used your support (research) and how it relates to and supports your claim. Include any of your own experience with the topic to further develop your paragraphs (personal insight). Organize your information effectively so as to prompt easy, concise reading. Provide specific topic sentences at the start of each major unit of information (body paragraph), and make sure each topic sentence directly relates to and supports your thesis. Proofread carefully and follow MLA guidelines for MLA in-text citations and Works Cited. 

Essay format: 4-6 pages, typed, double spaced, 12- point font and one inch margins. Do not quad space between paragraphs. Include name, date, course number and time in the upper left hand corner of the first page. Put last name and page number in upper right hand margin (1/2 inch down) on successive pages. Create an interesting title. Do not include a cover page or report covers.

Submission details & due date
(submitting it at 12:01 will be a late essay and late points will be deducted). Your submission should be titled accordingly (for example, essay4.yourlastname.course#). Make sure to include a proper heading in both documents according to MLA style. Only .docx, .doc, or .rtf files will be accepted. Failure to follow specific directions may result in significant penalties.

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