Research Paper and Presentation (20+5=25% of your total grade).

Popular Cultures              100 points          

For each late day submission, 5% of your points will be deducted.   

Popular Culture Paper

For this paper, you have to choose any ONE genre of popular culture (food, clothing, fashion, TV shows, Film, music, social media etc.)

NEXT, You could consider writing about the popular culture genre in ONE of the following ways

  1. Compare and contrast the popular culture genre across countries/culture such as local (Emirati) vs. regional (Arab) context or in global context (such as Asian (Japanese/Korean) Indian or American.
  • Evolution of a particular type of popular culture in UAE or Arab or in last two decades (examples, music, reality TV, food, fashion etc.)
  • How global cultural traits – a genre of popular culture fused with local culture and take a new shape (a new whatever) i.e., J pop, K pop


Below are some suggested topics.

Reality shows

Representation of race/ethnicity or class or gender in reality shows

Advertising and popular food fads

Social media/advertising and fashion (modest fashion, athleisure etc.)

Slimming and Diet as popular culture. 

How defines beauty (gatekeepers of beauty?)

Cricket or Football in the UAE.

McDonalds OR Fast food in the UAE

Starbucks in the UAE or coffee shops

Effect of western music on Emirati music

Evolution of Fashion in middle east

Paper Requirements

You are required to make use of at least TWO journal articles OR at least ONE scholarly book. The rest of the sources can be non-scholarly sources. I expect at least 5 sources in total.

Note: See sections below on what is a scholarly source? and What is NOT a scholarly source for further clarification.

What is a scholarly source?

A source that is peer reviewed or published in a recognized scholarly source, like a journal or a university publisher. It can be a book or an article. Such articles or books target specific audience, typically people in specializing in a particular field.

What is NOT a scholarly source?

Textbooks are not considered a scholarly source. 

Wikipedia, Encyclopedias, and other online articles intended for general public. If you are not sure whether the book or the article you have chosen is scholarly or not, ask the instructor.


  • The paper should be 7-9 pages in length, typed, double-spaced. Excluding cover page and references.
  • Offer an introduction, body (4-5 paragraphs) and conclusion.
  • The paper should have 1″ margins all around.
  • The type font should be Times New Roman, size 12.

Citations and References
Use this style for citations placed within the text:

  • For one or two authors use all names.
    • Sapp (2001) found that….
    • A recent study (Sapp and Korsching, 2004) suggested that…
  • For more than two authors, use the name of the first author and “et al.”
    • Smith et al. (2003) found that….
    • A recent study (Smith et al., 2003) suggested that…

USE APA style for citations.

  • Name

Rubric for Research paper

  • Description
  • Rubric Detail
  Levels of Achievement
Criteria Exemplary (A) Accomplished (A-/B+/B) Developing (B-/C+/C) Beginning (C-/D+/D) 0 (F)
Content  Weight 30.00% 90.00 to 100.00 % Develops fresh insight that challenges the reader’s thinking; Main point is clear to the reader 80.00 to 89.00 % Thesis may be somewhat imaginative but not obvious. Main point and purpose are clear 70.00 to 79.00 % Thesis may be obvious or unimaginative. Purpose are somewhat clear 60.00 to 69.00 % Thesis and purpose are somewhat vague OR only loosely related to the writing task 0.00 to 59.00 % Thesis is missing Reader cannot determine thesis & purpose, no relation to the writing task
Reasoning/ Support  Weight 30.00% 90.00 to 100.00 % Substantial, logical, & concrete development of ideas. Assumptions are made explicit. Details are relevant, original, and convincingly interpreted 80.00 to 89.00 % Offers solid reasoning. Assumptions are clear, or made explicit. Contains details or useful examples 70.00 to 79.00 % Offers solid but less original reasoning. Assumptions are not always recognized or made explicit. Contains some appropriate details or examples 60.00 to 69.00 % Offers somewhat obvious support that may be too broad. Details are too general, not interpreted, irrelevant to thesis, or too repetitive 0.00 to 59.00 % Offers simplistic, undeveloped ideas. Inappropriate generalizations, faulty assumptions, errors of fact
Use of sources/ Documentation  Weight 20.00% 90.00 to 100.00 % Uses sources to support, extend, and inform, but not substitute writer’s own development of idea. Combines material from a variety of sources, scientific data, authoritative testimony. Doesn’t overuse quotes 80.00 to 89.00 % Uses valid sources to support, extend, and inform, but not substitute writer’s own development of idea. More paraphrase than quotes. 70.00 to 79.00 % Uses sources to support, extend and inform. Doesn’t overuse quotes. 60.00 to 69.00 % Uses relevant sources but lacks in variety of sources and/or the skillful combination of sources. Quotations & paraphrases may be too long and/or inconsistently referenced 0.00 to 59.00 % Neglects important sources. Overuse of quotations to substitute writer’s own ideas. (Possibly uses source material without acknowledgement.)
Organization  Weight 10.00% 90.00 to 100.00 % Fully & imaginatively supports main idea & purpose. Sequence of ideas is effective. Transitions are effective 80.00 to 89.00 % Well organized. Transitions are appropriate. Sequence of ideas flow well. 70.00 to 79.00 % Organization supports thesis and purpose. Transitions are mostly appropriate. Sequence of ideas could be improved 60.00 to 69.00 % Some signs of logical organization. May have abrupt or illogical shifts & ineffective flow of ideas 0.00 to 59.00 % Unclear organization OR no link to main idea. No transitions
Language  Weight 10.00% 90.00 to 100.00 % No grammar, spelling, or pronunciation mistakes. 80.00 to 89.00 % Most grammar and spelling is correct. 70.00 to 79.00 % Some grammar and/or spelling mistakes but these do not cause strain for the reader. 60.00 to 69.00 % Multiple grammar/and or spelling mistakes that cause strain for the reader. 0.00 to 59.00 % Below minimum academic expectations

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