Child/Children’s Developmental Age
Social & Cultural Considerations: (What is known about the social & cultural contexts of the child so the plan is meaningful and respectful?).
Observation: Use anecdotal notes to record in detail what the child/children is/are doing. Facts only. Approximately 1 page          
Reflection: Paint a picture of how children are playing and working. Ask yourself: What did I notice about the children’s actions and interactions? What am I understanding about the child’s/children’s development?      
Developmental Domain:
Goal of Plan: Use wording from California Foundation and/or DRDP   Ex: Foundation (Vol 1, page 14): Framework: Preschool children learn roles and responsibilities of group participation by understanding and apply rules of expected behavior. (CA Preschool Framework, Vol 1, page 69)   Ex:DRDP measures: ALT-Reg 7 (Shared Use of Space and Materials): Child develops the capacity to share the use of space and materials with others SED 4 (Relationships and Social Interactions with Peers): Child becomes increasingly competent and cooperative in interactions with peers  
Objectives of Plan: Child will interact with group and follow prompts about expected behavior.   Measurable objective: when requested by adult, child will follow specific prompt to lift and release hula hoop and/or keep hands to themselves.    
Materials and Resources Needed For the LessonInclude a bulleted list Hula  hoop with blue crepe paper streamers or blue ribbon  tied around the perimeter and hanging down approximately 3 feet. Large paper fish      
Individualized/Differentiated Instruction/UDLFocus on specific child/children that need support to ensure full participation in any experience. I.E: 1) John often moves around when sitting on the carpet or at the table and ends up bumping into others. I will be sure that John knows he is able to stand up while working at the table for this experience. 2) John also tends to want to be first or the leader. I will have John hold my dice for the game and start the game to support his participation. 3)  John will come into a group or experience, leave, come back then leave again. I will make sure that I save materials for John and let him know that the experience will be available (or not due to time) when he is ready to leave. He can make an independent decision whether he stays or leaves the area. I want to help support John’s independent decision making.
Teaching Strategies: Activity: Observe:   Add anecdotal notes here to understand what the children are learning. 3  Open-Ended Questions/ 3 Focused Vocabulary words: “You worked together as a group! How is that different from working by yourself?” “Why was it important to keep your hands on your shoulders if you were inside the hula hoop?” “Why is it important for everybody to have a turn to be inside the hula hoop?”
Step four:  REFLECT
After you implement the lesson write a self-reflection. Include two teaching strategies, two strengths and challenges and give two examples of how the experience met or did not meet the objectives. This reflection is about you in the teacher role. You reflect on what it was like for you to go through the entire          
Possibilities for Next Steps: What new understandings developed as a result of this activity and how can you build on this experience?          

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