Assume you are working as a consultant for Alpha-Xanadu, San Antonio, an organization committed to inspiring technology innovation and commercialization. The director would like to prepare a standard project life cycle that entrepreneurs can use to launch new high-tech businesses. Your immediate challenge is to construct a project life cycle that incorporate the 11 steps below.  Specifically, you should deliver:

  1. A chart with the 11 steps mapped appropriately to the four phases of a project life cycle.
  2. A description of the purpose of each decision point and the key decision factors.

Here are the 11 steps:

  1. Technical Feasibility (analysis to determine if the technology will work)
  2. Technical Prototype (fabrication of a working model)
  3. Development Testing (testing prototype to see if it works)
  4. Pre-Production Prototype (fabrication of a producible model)
  5. Operational Testing (testing the producible model to see if it will work in use)
  6. Develop Production Capability (installation / test of production equipment and facilities)
  7. Production (fabrication of many units using mature production process)
  8. Market Needs Assessment (analysis to determine desired product features)
  9. Market Study (analysis to determine potential demand for product)
  10. Market Valuation (analysis to set price for initial production units)
  11. Market Diversification (analysis to identify additional future markets and product features)

Complete the next two pages, save as a PDF file, and submit in the Blackboard assignment folder using the filenaming convention lastname_abc123_MOT4143_Ex01.pdf (where abc123 is your UTSA ID).

Deliverable #1

Consider the phases of the following proposed project life cycle:

Concept – Development – Production – Implementation

Assign each of the 11 activities below to one of the phases.

Place the number of each activity in the column that corresponds to the phase in which you are assigning it.


Deliverable #2

Describe the purpose of each decision point and factors to consider:





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