Project Description:

In this Project, you will assist Linda Wong, Employer Relations Manager, in tracking the number of people who get hired by an employer at each fair. You will create and format a chart to display the number of job candidates hired at the fairs over a five-year period, create a diagram of the communities served, and create a funnel chart to visualize the number of candidates hired as a result of the Job Fairs in Year 5.

Steps to Perform:

StepInstructionsPoints Possible
1Open the file Student_Excel_6E_Hires.xlsx downloaded with this project.0
2On the first worksheet, select the data in the range B4:F10, and then use the Quick Analysis tool to insert Sparklines using the Line format. Place the sparklines in the range adjacent to the Year 5 column, show the High Point and Last Point. Apply a sparkline style using the first sparkline style in the first row.

(Mac users: Use the Insert Line Sparkline command on the Insert tab.)
3Type Trend in the cell above the sparklines.3
4Using the data for the years and for each location (not the totals) and the Recommended Charts command, create a Clustered Column chart on a separate chart sheet named Hires by Location Chart10
5Display the Change Chart Type dialog box. On the All Charts tab, if necessary, on the left click Column, and then on the right, at the top of the dialog box, click 3-D Clustered Column. Click OK.

Mac users: Instead of the Change Chart Type dialog box, use Change Chart Type button on the ribbon.
6Apply Chart Style 5 to the chart, and then add a chart title above the chart with the text Job Hires by Location Set the title’s font size to 28.6
7Format the Chart Area with a solid fill—in the first column, click the third color. Format the Plot Area with a solid fill two shades darker—in the first column, click the fifth color.6
8Format the floor and the side wall with a solid color—in the next to last column, click the last color. Set the transparency for both at 60%. Add the chart element Axis Title to the vertical axis with the text Number of Attendees Hired and change the font size to 16. Click outside of the chart to deselect it.7
9On the Job Hires by Location worksheet, using the data for Dallas including the years , insert a Line with Markers line chart. Resize the chart to position the upper left corner within cell A13 and the lower right corner within cell G26.10
10Change the chart title to Successful Job Hires in Dallas and set the title’s font size to 16. Format the Vertical (Value) Axis so that the Minimum value is 100 and the Major unit is 206
11Add a Linear Trendline. Format the trendline by applying a color—in the sixth column, click the last color. Set the Width of the line to 2 pt. Click cell A1.6
12Display the List Chart worksheet. In cell A1, type Three Largest Communities We Serve

Merge and center this title across the range A1:G1 and apply the Title cell style.
13Insert a SmartArt graphic using the Vertical Box List. In the three boxes, type, in order, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Carrollton7
14Resize the graphic to position the upper left corner in cell A3 and the lower right corner in cell G16. Apply the Inset style and change the colors to Colorful Range – Accent Colors 4 to 5. Click cell A1 to deselect the graphic. Display the Funnel Chart worksheet. By using the data in the range A3:B5, insert a funnel chart. Apply the third Chart Style. As the Chart Title, type Year 5 Candidate Hires. Display the Format Axis pane, and then click the Fill & Line icon. Format the Line using a solid line and then in the color gallery, in the sixth column, click the last color. Set the line Width to 2 pt and then close the pane.6
15Display the Format Chart Area pane, and then apply a 2 pt Solid line border using same color as the axis line. Close the pane. Drag the upper left corner of the chart into cell A6, positioned slightly below the G in Granted. Click cell A1 to deselect the chart. Display the Hires by Location Chart sheet. From the Page Layout tab, use the Dialog Box Launcher to display the Page Setup dialog box. Insert a Custom Footer with the File Name in the Left section.4
16Display the Job Hires by Location sheet. Hold down CONTROL and select the remaining two worksheets to group the three sheets. Insert a Custom Footer with the File Name in the Left section, and then center the sheets horizontally.8
17Click the Hires by Location Chart sheet tab to make it the active worksheet and to ungroup the worksheets. Ensure the worksheets are in this order: Hires by Location Chart, Job Hires by Location, List Chart, and Funnel Chart. Save and close the file, and then submit for grading.0
Total Points100

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