(1A). compare and contrast the dissemination and host plant infection mechanisms of virus with those of fungi.

(1B) what are the implications of the insights you will provide under question 1A for the management of these two types of pathogens at crop level? make a distinction between prevention and intervention treatment and give examples to illustrate your answer. 900 words with 4 references.

(2A) Compare and contrast the strategies for generating pathogen resistance plant varieties using (i) conventional breeding (i) marker assisted breeding and (iii) genetic modifications. 
(b) what are the advantages and disadvantages of each method? 
800 words with 4 references.

(3a) name two important virus infecting potato. 
Answer (3a) potato virus y (PVY) and Potato leaf roll (PLRV)
(3B) describe in detail how these two viruses are transmitted, the symptoms caused by the two viruses and their impact on potato crops.
(3c) discus what measure can be developed for an efficient control of both viruses. 
700 words with 4 references.

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