1. The purpose of the Evidenced Based Practice Paper is for the student to become familiar with accessing nursing journals, reading nursing research articles, and to demonstrate a working knowledge of APA format. Each student will choose a nurse theorist and will be expected to gather three nursing articles related to that theorist.
  • All final work is to be typed using black ink or computer generated.  Faculty may require resubmission before grading for illegible or unprofessional work. Students are expected to follow the instructions of the faculty on the requirements for the paper. .If manually submitted, the paper should be stapled together.    Faculty will evaluate professional appearance of the paper. The content of the paper will be 2-3 pages long (no including the title page and reference page).
  • Correct spelling, grammar, and medical terminology are expected.  Papers with numerous grammatical and spelling errors may be returned without grading.
  • The paper order is:  Title Page, Nurse theorist, brief explaination of the theory, and if you agree or disagree with the theory with your reasoning and lastly the reference page
  • Papers are expected to be submitted on the date due assigned by the instructor.  Papers may not be accepted beyond the date due unless specific arrangements with the instructor were made ahead of time.
  • The references in correct APA format is to be attached.  The references reflect the sources for the nursing research articles.  References should be published within the last 5 years, and only nursing journals may be used as references. Three different journals must be used.

NUR 1020 Nursing Foundations

EBP Paper Grading Criteria

A grade of 75 for the paper is satisfactory.  The grade will be calculated into the homework grades.

Section One: Mechanics: 5 Points

  • Rules of grammar, usage, punctuation are followed. Spelling is correct.
  • Paper is neatly typed. Overall appearance of paper is college level and professional. The paper is stapled. Title page provided; title page in correct format according to example provided. 

Section Two: Nursing theorist and theory: 45 points

  • The Nursing theorist , including a brief background, the theory they developed, with a brief explaination of the theory and if you agree or disagree with the theory and why.

Section Three: Three Articles Relating to the Nursing Theorist:

  • Demonstrates simple and complex relationships in a clear manner that allows for high level understanding by the reader ( 5 points)
  • Ties the general and specific concepts together with linking lines and words in some fashion that makes sense
  • Three nursing research articles related to the nurse theorist and their theory: (30 points)
  • A brief description of each article

Section Four: Overall Quality and Appropriateness of Content: 10 points

  • Overall impression of the paper is that the student placed sufficient time and emphasis in researching, planning, and evaluating articles.
  • The scope of the paper demonstrates more depth than superficial and / or hurried; the overall assignment reflects critical thinking and analysis beyond the beginning level and reflects complex reflection and thinking.
  • In-text citations and the reference/s are in correct APA format. Absence of plagiarism.

Section Five: Overall Following Directions: 5 points 

  • Follows the instructor’s directions (This is an all or none point assignment.  If the student fails to follow any direction pertinent to the assignment, 5 points are deducted.)
  • Submitted on time.

Sample Title Page

Notice that the title page is centered to the page vertically and horizontally, roughly is 4.5 inches from the top of the page  

Evidenced Based Paper

Sally Sue Mary Ann Smith

College Name

NUR 1020 L

August 1, 2014

Content of Paper


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