Assignment – Ethics and Compliance Challenges
Review and analyze Case 7: Walmart Juggles Risks and Rewards (Course Textbook)
Write a 4 to 6-page paper in which you:
Examine the manner in which Walmart’s business philosophy has impacted its perception of being unethical toward supply and employee stakeholders. Provide and discuss one example of Walmart in an ethical situation for each stakeholder.
Determine the major effects that Walmart’s business philosophy has had on its human resource practices and policies.
Analyze two of the legal mandates that workers and the U.S. government have accused Walmart of violating. Provide an explanation as to why these legal mandates were violated, citing specific violations and examples.
Evaluate the efficiency of the structure of the ethical decision-making framework that Walmart has used in making its decisions. Provide a rationale for your response.
Recommend two actions that Walmart’s human resources department should take in order to improve the employees’ perspectives of Walmart’s business and human resources policies. Provide a rationale for your recommendations.
Use a minimum of 3 academic quality resources. The course textbook is required to be one source and it is highly recommended to use other sources from the supplemental resources list at the course information area. NOTE: The only website sources allowed are those from professional business sites (Forbes, consulting firms) and professional HR sites (SHRM, HCI, SIOP).
This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards (SWS), APA 6 or APA 7 and the student may decide which method to use. Under no circumstances should both methods be “mixed” and used.

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