Level 9

Semester 2   2022-23

Assignment Question

 Assessment 2: Weighting:  60% of total mark for the module

Part 1 (2200 words)

Identify a challenging moral problem with which you are familiar.  Drawing on your knowledge of ethical theories critically analyse the ethical issues involved and present your reasoned recommendation for addressing the problem.

Part 2 (300 words)

Write a 300 word reflective account describing your personal response to investigating, considering and writing about this topic.

Both parts should be included in the same document – i.e. you only submit 1 file. There should be only one reference list for the whole assignment.

The personal reflection

The reflective account in Assignment 2.

You have 300 words in which to round off the paper with a personal reflection. Here are some notes and a very general suggestion of how it might look.

It may be that you feel the reflective account is to some extent incorporated within the main text of your essay – this is acceptable, but you should include a sentence in the essay to point me towards this.

Try to look for one or two “learning points” to reflect on. This can be something that either challenged or confirmed a moral position you have held before.  For example, you may have considered that euthanasia is always wrong; yet your reading has made you think that the subject is more complicated.

You can refer to examples from your other modules, or from your professional practice, in which moral questions have been raised and you have seen the relevance of your studies in ethics to that problem.

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