Directions: The student will utilize a standard ethical decision-making model (provided below) to process and resolve an ethical dilemma case in counseling. Case scenarios are provided below by the instructor. From these cases, the student will choose one case to process utilizing the model.

1. Sheila came to your office about eight months ago, seeking counseling and stating that she “hoped to save her marriage.” After a few sessions with Sheila, you suggested that couples counseling might be helpful, but her husband, Roy, refused to participate. Three months ago, Sheila and Roy went through a very nasty breakup of their marriage, and now you have been subpoenaed to produce all of your records pertaining to Sheila’s treatment. Sheila has told you to comply with the subpoena, saying that she has nothing to hide. Despite your suggestion to Sheila that it may not be in her best interest to disclose those records, she has refused to assert the privilege. What should you do?

2. Marvin is a new counselor in a middle school. This is his first job after completing his master’s degree in counseling. Marvin’s colleague, Mike, has been a school counselor for 20 years and has been at this particular school for 10 years. Both Marvin and Mike report directly to the principal. In talking to Mike, Marvin learns that Mike does not belong to any counseling professional associations, never attends any workshops, and does not like being a counselor. Mike does the least amount of work possible during each school day. About halfway through the school year, Marvin realizes that many of the students assigned to Mike for counseling are coming to see Marvin and that most of the teachers in the school seek Marvin out for consultation as well. Comments from faculty, parents, and students have led Justin to believe that Mike tells students that their problems will pass with time and never follows up on any pressing issues. Marvin believes Mike is acting unethically in not doing his job. How should Marvin handle this situation?

3.Larry is an elementary school counselor. A child that he counsels has told him that his father drinks heavily and seldom works. The child also states that his mother works all the time and does her best to care for him and his siblings. During a family contact, the mother asks Larry if he would be willing to testify in court that she is a better parent than her son’s father, so that she can get custody of her children. Larry appropriately declines, saying that his role is to counsel children, not to evaluate which parent is better. Despite Larry’s response, he receives a subpoena and his principal, after checking with the school prosecuting attorney for the board, tells Larry he must go to court and answer any factual questions asked. After he is sworn in as a witness, Larry is asked to give information regarding his interactions with the child. He then is asked by the mother’s attorney to offer his opinion of the mother’s parenting skills and state whether he believes the child would be better off in the custody of his mother or his father.

The student will create responses to the 8-step model regarding their specific case through a Journal post. The student will utilize and cite a minimum of 3 sources. Two of the 3 required sources must be the ACA and NBCC Codes of Ethics, the other source could be a scholarly journal, book, or appropriate website. The student will utilize proper spelling, grammar, intelligible sentences, and APA format for their intext citations and references. The assignment will be submitted as an electronic journal on the Bb course page and WILL NOT be submitted to Livetext.

Ethical Decision-Making Model by Corey, Corey, Corey & Callahan (2015)
Step 1Identify the problem (ethical dilemma).
Step 2Identify other potential issues involved.
Step 3Identify the relevant ethical guidelines (cite standards from both the ACA and NBCC code of ethics that apply).
Step 4Identify the relevant laws and regulations.
Step 5Identify the possible consultation sources that could be utilized (consider reviewing Chapter 15 Supervision and Consultation, in the course text and/or relevant journal articles from the online library as resources).
Step 6Identify potential courses of action (at least 2 different options).
Step 7Identify the consequences of the potential courses of action (for each option in step 6).
Step 8Identify the best course of action and why.

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