Directions for essay two:

As you wrote about in the first essay of the course, music can be a helpful and healthful tool during times of stress and challenge. In this 8-10  paragraph essay , you will use the Rhetorical Mode of Comparison/Contrast to move beyond the personal into how music has been instrumental in 1) providing powerful voices  to proclaim attitudes and ideas, or  2) presenting a vision of America ( good and not-so-good)

  • Anti-War Songs of the Sixties : during the 1960s,  a number of musicians wrote songs that protested America’s involvement in the Vietnam conflict. Choose two  songs that fit this genre and compare their views.
  1.  Sources to support your points ( popular sources- no need for scholarly articles here, but the sources need to be valid and credible): cited in-text in APA form.
  1. Context setting: in what time period and sociopolitical climate were your songs most popular and why? The context can be part of your introduction leading to a thesis statement. –
  1.  A thesis that presents the criteria on  which you will compare your songs (tone, theme, style, images of America, purposes are some possibilities) .
  1. An Organizational Structure 

     Comparison/Contrast forms: ( we will go over this in class with examples)

   a. Compare based on criteria

   b. Compare by song

  1. A Conclusion that ties the themes together but doesn’t repeat what was already said: 1+2+3 = 6 .
  1. A Reference page of the sources that you used in APA form

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