For your essay quiz, you will respond to all four (4) questions presented. This quiz is based on the learning materials presented in this module. Be sure to complete all of the assigned readings and viewings from the Learning & Assessment Activities page before you begin this quiz.


1. What is the relationship between extremists and terrorists? Are they the same or different? Provide some examples of extremists groups and terrorist groups to support your response.

2. How has the globalization phenomenon acted as a force multiplier concerning the problems in identifying, defining, and conceptualizing terrorism?

3. Why do law enforcement agencies find it difficult to differentiate what may be a crime of violence or hate crime from that of an act of terrorism? Provide an example illustrating this dilemma

4. How are domestic terrorist threats, from 2000 to present, both different and similar in certain respects from the terrorist threats of 1960-1990’s?

When developing your answers, remember:

  • You must include (cited) facts to support the major points in your response. Your responses should not include continuous quotations without your thoughts and analysis, as well. Rather, your responses must reflect a balance between facts and your perspective on the points you made.
  • Your responses to each of the quiz questions should be a minimum of one page (250 words) and a maximum of two pages in length.
  • Include appropriate cited references and format them in the American Psychological Association (APA) writing style (6th edition).

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